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Well-being at Work

Benefits of Reflexology for Employees

Work related stress costs the UK economy £6.5 billion per year. Mental health issues are on the increase and it is essential for employees to have coping mechanisms inside and outside of work.  My aim is to help you provide well-being support that’s required to aid with reducing stress and anxiety, and improve mental wellbeing of staff. 

Promoting wellbeing amongst your workforce can boost motivation and productivity, make employees feel valued and reduce work-related aches and pains such as backache, headaches, shoulder, neck and eye strain and of course stress and anxiety. 


A study of workplaces that had on-site reflexologists in Denmark evidenced a big reduction in sick leave and increased job satisfaction. 

An employee said:” Our work is done through computers and people spending many hours in a chair doing their work, resulting in aching shoulders and back. Since we employed our reflexologist, we have experienced a substantial decrease of people being ill and away from work. It has had a physical and psychological effect. There is a much better atmosphere in the department, because the employees feel there is something being done about their problems. Before staff used to stay at home, now we see them go to work anyway because they know they can get a treatment and feel better.” (Brendstrup, Eva and Launs¯, Laila, “Headache and Reflexological Treatment,” The Council Concerning Alternative Treatment, The National Board of Health, Denmark, 1997) 

Worcester Hospital Study 28 members of staff at Worcester Hospitals received 40 mins of reflexology each week for 6 weeks. Their response to the reflexology was measured in terms of: pain, mobility, lethargy, psychological stress. The key results were: 74% had a significant reduction in pain 62.5% had a significant improvement in mobility 55% had a significant improvement in psychological stress 53% had a significant reduction in lethargy the study concluded that it was a cost-effective treatment for companies concerned about absenteeism and sick leave. (Research has been published and undertaken by the FDZ – the Danish Reflexology Association) 

My Services For You

Reflexology is a therapy that is simple to set up on-site. Clients only need to remove footwear and anything covering their feet. Minimal space is required, I can bring my comfortable treatment chair and all equipment necessary. 

I can provide onsite reflexology for half or full days on a regular basis to treat individual clients, offering foot or hand reflexology. 

I can also provide well-being talks for staff and can organise well-being days and events for your company. 

To find out more please get in touch: hello@karenharveyreflexology.co.uk 


Did You Know?

That many health care plans cover reflexology? 




•Westfield Heath

•Health Shield


•Sovereign Healthcare


Policies will vary but please do check to ensure you can fully benefit from health plans available. 

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