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Reflexology for Young People

Reflexology for Children and Young People

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that works by applying pressure to reflex points on your feet, face or hands. Positive touch can bring about a wonderful sense of well-being and calm. When we’re in this relaxed state, our body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself is promoted, improving our mental and physical health. The balancing and calming effect of a treatment may help children who are experiencing a period of stress or anxiety. This may be due to factors such as special needs, behaviour difficulties, health conditions or changing hormones.
*Please note, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Incorporating the benefits of Reflexology in your School

Working with individual students:

Supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people who may have high levels of anxiety, stress and difficulty coping with everyday challenges. I can run weekly 30 minute sessions for individual students. The therapy encourages the body to relax and relieve tension through a combination of positive touch and relaxation techniques. The intention is to use positive touch working on the reflex points of hands or feet to calm and balance the body, relaxing the person, reducing stress and anxiety, improving focus, concentration and receptiveness and nurtures students’ sense of well-being.

Workshops for parents

Empowering parents and carers to use relaxation techniques with their family. Workshops are run over two days, each workshop is 2.5 hours. Practical strategies and techniques to use to support the emotional health of young people, reducing anxiety and stress.

Self-care staff workshops

I can deliver a 2 hour workshop on self-care, using hand reflexology. The techniques can be used on yourself and families or even colleagues! The workshop includes a broader look at self-care and relaxation techniques. This can be adapted according to organisational needs.

Reflexology for staff well-being

I offer school and college visits, providing an opportunity for staff to enjoy a relaxing treatment, reducing their stress levels , contributing towards a heathier, happier workplace. Bookings are for a minimum of 3 staff per visit and can be fortnightly or monthly, after school or during off timetable events. Many healthcare cash plans cover the cost of reflexology.

Karen Harvey MAR

I am a qualified teacher and was a Local Authority Advisor for the Healthy School programme and PSHE. My interest and passion has always been in well-being. I have worked in the third sector for the last 10 years, producing curriculum materials, guidance and training volunteers, supporting schools and colleges in suicide prevention, responding to bereavement by suicide and building positive coping strategies. I had personal experience of the benefits of Reflexology and trained as a Reflexologist in 2019. I provide this wonderful therapy from my treatment room in Hassocks and providing a mobile service and drop-in workplace clinics for the surrounding area. I had further training in Functional Reflex Therapy which is a technique focussing on relaxation and calming for young people with high anxiety and stress. I love bringing the powerful benefits of positive touch to people through Reflexology and seeing the difference the therapy makes.

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