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Reflexology is an amazing therapy that works through the feet and affects the whole body.

I am following AOR COVID-19 good practice guidelines to keep myself and all my clients at safe as possible.

For more information, please read the AOR COVID-19 Secure Workplace Policy at aor.org.uk
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Feeling Stressed?

The word stress comes from the Latin word stringere meaning to “pull tight”. Indeed, we may find ourselves being pulled in many directions at the same time, and calm and peace may feel unattainable. Stress can be caused by work tensions, relationship difficulties, health issues and illness, bereavement, changes, debt, unemployment and so the list goes on. A constant state of stress is an overload on our bodies. Our body is in a constant state of alert, trying to fight the “attacker”. Over time this leaves us exhausted, our physical and emotional health suffers and we are susceptible to illness or “dis-ease”. This is where reflexology can helpproviding support in returning your body back to balance and equilibrium. Allowing you to feel more relaxed, achieve better sleep and less “tight” amidst the business and pressures of modern day living. Reducing stress is key to optimising good health and building resilience 



When I come to see Karen, it is always a warm and safe atmosphere. The bed is always comfy and Karen makes an effort to make sure I was warm and relaxed.
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Karen was very friendly and made me feel as though I was at home. Before she began, she explained everything in a way that I could understand, which put me at ease
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How I Could Help Your Business

Work related stress costs the UK economy £6.5 billion per year. Mental health issues are on the increase and it is essential for employees to have coping mechanisms inside and outside of work.  My aim is to help you provide well-being support that’s required to aid with reducing stress and anxiety, and improve mental wellbeing of staff. 

Enjoy Some You Time

Reflexology enables you to unwind, relax and restore balance. Give yourself an hour to simply let go and be, experience true relaxation. If you’re feeling stressed or under pressure, take a positive first step to well-being by visiting me for a treatment and discovering what reflexology can do for you. 

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