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Karen was very friendly and made me feel as though I was at home. Before she began, she explained everything in a way that I could understand – which put me at ease since I was a bit worried whether an old injury would be an issue. However, she made me feel comfortable that there would be no pain or sensitivity, and I completely forgot about the injury during the session! It was a wonderful experience
Karen’s passion for reflexology shows with her caring nature and the benefits that reflexology can bring to your life. She begins a session with a review of your overall health, paying close attention to any particularly troublesome areas of the body, and works on the corresponding reflex areas on the feet. Without question, I felt hands around my heart making me feel less anxious and tingles of negative energy leaving my body, following on from the treatment I also slept amazingly.
When I come to see Karen, it is always a warm and safe atmosphere. The bed is always comfy and Karen makes an effort to make sure I was warm and relaxed.  During the treatment she explains what she is doing and I felt really comfortable. There have been times when there was a definite feeling of heat or a tenderness in my foot. Karen always explained why that might be. I always felt totally relaxed enjoyed the full experience. I had had a stiff back and problems sleeping but after seeing Karen these were definitely improved. The night after a treatment I slept so well!
Reflexology with Karen is a very relaxing experience, it allows me to forget about time and space so that can I stay completely in the current moment. Last time with her I felt like a weary traveller who discovers an empty deck chair in a balmy, sunny spot and as soon as I sat down all my worries seemed to fall off me.
Karen’s treatments are fabulously relaxing!
Karen’s treatments are so relaxing, she has a very calm manner and is knowledgeable.

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